The Lazy Cooks Guide to Eating Healthy Part 1

I’m super lazy, and although I cook so much more now, It still isn’t something that I love to do all of the time. I have some tips for the lazy cook who wants to eat a healthy and delicious looking meal that’s super quick and easy!

First, let’s rewind to 4 years ago when I joined weight watchers for the 3rd time and was limping down stairs due to bad knees from running on the treadmill 5 times a week. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. running and running and going nowhere. The problem was my relationship with food and the idea of being healthy meant being skinny. Steamed broccoli and chicken…. blech! I hate broccoli so much. I would eat this stuff to lose weight but never learned to enjoy it enough to make it a habit I could stick to. I also didn’t research or experiment I was lazy and prepped the same food every day with only a goal of 15 lbs and then I’d be done.

Since then, I have learned that if I’m focusing on putting quality and wholesome food into my body and less on dieting I have a much easier time preparing healthy meals for myself. I’m also not looking at my weight as much as my blood tests and listening to what my body is telling me and not just following along with a pre-made but never personalized meal and exercise plan.

It wasn’t until this year that I have really been more focused on the quality of the food that I consume and less focused on the calories. Granted, it’s a slippery slope when you aren’t 100% on the wagon, and I don’t always do the right thing and eat healthy all of the time. But I am learning about balance. Most importantly, I’m learning to forgive myself and I’m so much quicker to get back on track because of it. To me this is a great sign that I’m finally building up some lasting habits that will help me succeed. I think that by reading my labels and finding foods that I love and are still nutritious and good for my health, at least I’m doing something that is better for my body than eating cheeseburgers eerrrryday!

I’ve done a lot of Instagram stalking to find products that might make me excited about eating healthier meals more often.  Yes, it can be expensive! I have spent a lot of money on groceries over the past year, but when I think about the price I pay for eating healthy I also have wasted a lot less food in the past year. Plus you pay for the quality of the ingredients and you can’t put a price tag on your health.

The first step that helped me the most is finding products that I like and helped me get creative in the kitchen. Try out 1 or 2 new healthy products a week or in a month. I usually look for frozen veggie based goodies and sauces or dips. Look at the ingredients to make sure they are made with real food and that you can read and recognize everything on the label. To be honest I don’t even look at calories anymore, but I do watch out for lots of sugar and sodium. Pair it with roasted veggies, salads, quinoa, or gluten free edamame pasta! Mix and matching can be so much fun once you find some staples that you really like.

Some of my featured fav’s in this post are

  • Hilary’s Adzuki Bean Burgers
  • Hope Foods Organic Lemon Peppercorn Hummus
  • Sir Kensington’s Mustard
  • 4th and Heart Ghee
  • and Saverne Raw Kraut

All products are full of flavor, texture, and are made with quality REAL food ingredients. Kraut gives me the probiotics my gut needs to heal. the hummus and mustard give a low calorie punch of flavor. I love cooking with ghee, which is a fat that I don’t feel so guilty using in small amounts.

I’d have to say my FAVORITE of all of these products is the Hilary’s burger. It’s so tasty for a veggie burger and it has a very nice texture unlike some other veggie patties i’ve tried. I love all of their different flavors and they even have bite sized versions that are great with EVERYTHING.

all of these ingredients can be mixed and matched in so many different ways! You will see them in my blog often.



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