Long Beach: Steel Craft

I’m so happy to see my beautiful city growing and bringing in awesome new businesses for all of us locals to enjoy! Steel Craft just opened in my hood and graced bixby knolls with some great food vendors, Smog City Brewery, and a really unique and cool place to hang out.

It’s hard to miss the bright red boxes on the corner of Bixby and Long Beach Blvd.! Long Beach is a port city, and everyone here is familiar with the shipping containers that arrive on humongous cargo ships and block our views as we drive down the 710 and 405 freeways. Steel Craft is constructed from several of these refurbished shipping containers. It’s so unique and hip, and although on a small corner space that used to house our local strawberry stand, it’s layout manages to make room for a cozy courtyard full of picnic tables and benches to sit down and enjoy the good food they offer here.

2017-03-13 22.39.24-1You can grab a craft brew from Smog City Brewery, stone fire pizzas from Desanos, a waffle with ice cream from Waffle Love, Spicy pork ramen from Tajima, or a burger from Pig Pen Delicacy, who is known for their pork on pork concoctions and mac and cheese buns.

2017-04-12 19.14.12

You can also get some LEGIT shave ice from The Fresh Shave, which serves homemade natural juices and toppings that are organic and super delish!

2017-04-12 19.41.13

I can’t forget Steelhead coffee, which is arguably one of the BEST coffee stops in Long Beach right now, AND you can grab a vegan donut here to enjoy with your cup of jo!

Steelcraft is a fun time to be had. If you live in the neighborhood, don’t drive, walk…

There isn’t much parking and it’s almost summer and weather is perfect, so you can be sure it will be packed! I’ve found the best time to go is in the afternoon when the sun is shining, it can get pretty crowded around dinner time.

Website:Β Steel Craft Long Beach

Address: 3768 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90807

Hours: Vary depending on vendor, but best window is noon to 8. See the website for exact hours.

Parking: There is parking in the small adjacent lot, or there are some lots across the street on Long Beach Blvd. that are labeled for SteelCraft. Please be respectful of the neighbors! πŸ™‚


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