Oahu: Rainbow Drive-In

If ever on Oahu, you NEED to check out Rainbow Drive-In. It’s your typical casual plate lunch spot, but it always hits the spot! Rainbow Drive-In has been around for more than 50 years and its a well known locals eatery that attracts a ton of visitors! The prices are super reasonable and the food is filling!

Plate lunch in Hawaii usually consists of 2 scoops rice, mac salad, and a meat of some kind. Ie. Kalua pork, katsu, Portuguese sausage, spam, island fried chicken, teriyaki, or seafood of different varieties. Rainbow keeps it simple with bbq pork chicken or beef, mahi mahi, and Katsu. They also have loco moco, burgers and hot dogs, chili rice, spaghetti, chicken long rice, and curry. All I can say is COMFORT FOOD!

Rainbow Drive-In is usually my first or last stop whenever I’m in Hawaii! I always get the Loco Moco and allllll dat gravy on errrrthang!! If you have never had Loco Moco you are missing out!! It comes plate lunch sized with a few scoops of rice and mac salad, or you can get a Loco Moco bowl which is just rice topped with the burger, egg, and gravy. No mac salad with this one. I’m not a huge rice eater so I usually go for this since its a bit smaller. The gravy here is my favorite and they smother the bowl in it! the burger patty is not huge or fancy, but it’s peppery and oh so yummy under that fried runny egg!

This last time I went they had tater tots which I dipped into my loco moco bowl! It was soooo ono! Can’t forget to order the slush float! which is their red slushy over vanilla ice cream.. Yes.. I ate this for breakfast! I definitely can’t diet in Hawaii. So many delicious fatty foods to eat!!

I’ve never had a burger here, but I hear they are the best! If I were you I’d get something with gravy and mac salad!  Definitely remember to bring CASH! They don’t take credit but there is an ATM right there. One thing I love is there is parking here. But on a crowded day you will probably have to search on the street anyway.

2017-03-13 22.39.31-12017-02-13 12.21.56

Website: Rainbow Drive In

Address: 3308 Kanaiana Ave., Oahu, HI

Hours: 7AM- 9PM, Everyday

CASH ONLY!! Parking lot available!


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