Healthy Balance

Eating healthy is probably the hardest thing for me to do. I would even rather go for a run over eating a plate of broccoli for dinner.. I’ve tried a lot of diets, but none that I have been able to turn into a regular eating habit. So far the best results have been from Weight Watchers, but it was all portion control and I still ate foods that were not good for my body.

Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, I’ve really tried focusing on finding what foods affect me in different ways, because as you know, all the instagrammers say good health begins with your gut and you can eat to heal your body. I want to find healthier options, brands, and habits that I enjoy having in my life and improve my overall health rather than a diet that just helps me shed some pounds only to gain them back. I have been reading up on whole 30 and paleo lately. I love the idea of going all natural and wholesome, but let’s be honest, I love food of the unhealthy variety a bit too much….. Baby steps and everything in moderation. If I document it for you all to see you can judge me and hopefully steer me in a better direction. ♥